Community Seafood Iniative

In today’s fiercely competitive global seafood market, the Community Seafood Initiative (CSI) helps businesses gain a competitive edge and improve their bottom line.

We help seafood harvesters, processors, wholesalers, retailers, and chefs enhance the value of their products through product development, applied research, education, business marketing, and capital.

Headquartered at the Seafood Consumer Center in Astoria, Oregon, CSI is here to help you! Contact us!

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Product Development

We help seafood businesses develop new products and markets through:

  • Culinology
  • Project Management
  • Recipe Development
  • Packaging and Marketing
  • Financial Investments
  •


Educational Coursework and Events

CSI helps businesses with research on improving quality and merchantibility through:

  • New Technology Utilization
  • Development and Diversification
  • Traceability and Product Safety
  •


Innovative Product Research

CSI sponsors educational events and materials including:

  • Hands On Workshops
  • Seafood Classes and Demonstrations
  • Publications and Resources
  •


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